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Homemade Tips For Beautiful & Glowing Skin

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Healthy glowing skin makes a person feel nice and attractive. In today’s world environmental pollution and stressful lifestyle take their toll on our skin and it gradually loses its shine. As a result the markets are brimming with a variety of skin care products. We do not hesitate to spend a fortune on cosmetics which load our bodies with unknown chemicals that may be hazardous with prolonged use. We never realize that our kitchens are full of amazing substances that can work wonders on our skin. Homemade quick recipes from the kitchen hardly cost anything, are absolutely safe and do not contribute to environmental pollution. They are less time consuming as you can make them in a jiffy, apply on your face and allow drying while you continue your daily chores.
General Rules for Healthy Skin

Protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays may cause skin cancer and skin wrinkles. Drink plenty of water, at lest 7-8 glasses a day. Water washes away toxins and is essential for good healthy skin. Keep your skin clean. Never forget to wash the face every morning and before going to bed at night. Daily application of moisturizer is very beneficial. Always put on a sun block lotion when going outdoors. Eat a well balanced diet comprising of fruits and vegetables. Improper food habits can cause depression, weight gain, illness and dull skin. Weight gain causes your skin to stretch and loose its elasticity and you're left with sagging skin. Always try to be happy and relaxed. Take a good sleep of minimum seven hours daily.

Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Beautiful and Radiant

1. Mix 2 table spoons of honey and lemon juice .Apply on to the face twice a week.

2. Mash a banana and make paste. Add 1table spoon of tomato juice to it .Apply on the face, neck and hands and leave for 20mins. Wash off with warm water.

3. For a glowing skin use fuller’s earth mixed with rose water, lemon juice, red sandal and honey on your face.

4. Mix lemon juice, gram flour and turmeric powder into a paste and apply on the face daily, to give yourself a soft glowing skin.

5. Apply ripe papaya fruit paste to your skin to get a glowing and brighter skin complexion.

6. Mix almond oil with honey and apply on the face daily for 5-7 days for healthy radiant skin.

7. Take some orange peals and dry them in shade. Grind them to powder when dry. Mix this powder with roasted gram powder in equal quantity. Make a paste by adding water or fresh milk and use it as a substitute to soap.

8. Make a paste of sandal powder, turmeric powder and few drops milk. Apply on your face and neck for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

9. Thin apple slices rubbed onto oily skin will help in controlling oily gloss.

10. Mix 7-8 drops of tomato juice with 1-2 drops of lime juice and honey. Apply it all over the face and neck. This reduces skin discoloration and wrinkles ands glow the skin. Alternately, add two teaspoon of tomato juice with 4 teaspoon of curd and apply on the face.

11. Apply juice of grated potato all over the face and neck. Dry for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water to get rid of blemishes.

12. Make a paste of red sandal powder and coconut milk and apply on the face for soft supple skin.

13. For oily skin, make a paste of oatmeal and egg white and apply it on the neck and face.

14. For dry skin, make a paste with egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice. Apply it on the neck and face; wash it out after 10 minutes.

15. Mix 1 table spoon of barley powder or gram powder with half teaspoon of lime juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Apply it on the face and wash after 20 minutes.

16. For removing facial hair, apply a sticky paste of egg white blended with sugar and corn flour. When it dries, gently peel it off. Repeat this three to four times a week.

17. Mix curd and cucumber juice and apply it on the face.

18. For dark underarms and neck apply lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric daily. Wash with warm water after 20 minutes.

19. Carrot juice applied daily on the face fades off blemishes.

20. Mash avocados, smooth them into a paste and apply onto the face. Rinse off after 20 minutes. It is an excellent treatment for dry skin.

21. Make a paste of mint leaves and almonds, mixed with warm water. Apply all over the body till it dries .Rinse it off with warm water.

22. Apply aloe vera gel on your face. It repairs damaged skin, removes blemishes and wrinkles and is an excellent antibacterial and anti fungal.

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