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Sometimes very little physical activity can make you restless and hyper active in your brain because of excessive energy. It is important to have some form of exercise as the mind slows down and as the body speeds up. The Surya Namaskar is a great way to increase your heart rate, sweat a little and utilise every part of your body so that every cell feels the impact of the exercise. If practiced every morning it will keep you energetic during the day and make you sleepy at night.

Step 1

• Stand straight, your feet together, your palms joined in front of your chest
• Breathe normally.

Step 2

• Slowly inhale, keep your palms together and bend the back, stretching your arms over your head.

Step 3

• Exhale and bend forward from your hip
• Place your palms on the floor and your head on your knees
• Keep your knees straight.

Step 4

• Inhale, take the right leg back, bend the other knee as shown
• Arch your back and look up.

Step 5

• Exhale and take the left leg back
• Keep the body in a straight line from the head to toe, the toes tucked in, the fingers pointing forward. Body weight is balanced on your toes and palms.

Step 6

• Hold your breath, drop your knees, then your chest and chin to the floor. Keep your hips raised as shown.
Step 7, 8, 9

Step 7

• Inhale and stretch the body upwards
• Straighten the elbows, arch your back and look up.

Step 8

• Exhale, push your back on your arms and raise your hips up
• Tuck the chin towards the chest and look at the navel
• Keep the heels flat on the floor.

Step 9

• Inhale and bring the right leg forward, arch your back and look up
• In subsequent rounds, alternate between the left and right leg as in step four and nine.
Step 10, 11, 12

Step 10

• Bring the left leg forward, stand upright, exhale and bend forward, place the palms on the floor as in step three.

Step 11

• Inhale, keep the palms together and bend the back, stretching your arms over your head as in step two.

Step 12

• Exhale and come


Should not be practiced by those with acute high blood pressure, heart diseases, hernia. Those with acute back conditions should be cautious and discontinue if the condition is aggravated.
Step 1, 2, 3