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Natural disasters 'killed 295,000 in 2010'

Monday, January 03, 2011 AT 08:20 AM (IST)
The Haiti earthquake and floods in Pakistan and China helped make 2010 an exceptional year for natural disasters, killing 295,000 and costing $130 billion, the world's top reinsurer said Monday.
On 06/02/2017 12:35 PM diksha said:
nesargik appti

On 18/09/2014 11:19 PM riya said:
Natural calamities

On 18/09/2014 11:18 PM riya said:
नैसर्गिक aapatti

On 18/09/2014 11:17 PM riya said:
Natural calamities

On 14/11/2012 11:34 AM said:
A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of, or effecting, the Earth; examples include floods, severe weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other geologic processes. A natural disaster can cause loss of life or property damage, and typically leaves some economic damage in its wake, the severity of which depends on the affected population's resilience, or ability to recover.[1]